The Golden Lord

a Tengese man standing eight feet tall, middle aged but fit, dressed in golden robes.


Motivation: To ensure justice and order in An-Teng and to serve Sol Invictus by guiding the Solar Exalted

Strength 12, Dexterity 10, Stamina 10;
Charisma 7,Manipulation 8, Appearance 6;
Perception 7, Intelligence 7,Wits 6

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 4,Valor 4

Archery 8,
Athletics 6,
Awareness 6,
Bureaucracy 8 (Law +2),
Dodge 6,
Integrity 8,
Investigation 7 (Reconstructing Events +2),
Linguistics (Native: Old Realm; Others: Flametongue, High Realm, Riverspeak, Seatongue) 4,
Lore 6 (An Teng +2, Solar Exalted +1),
Martial Arts 8,
Medicine 5,
Melee 8,
Occult 5,
Presence 8 (Interrogation +2),
Resistance 5,
Ride 6 (Elephant +2),
Sail 5,
Socialize 6,
Survival 5,
War 5
Backgrounds: Allies 5, Backing (Celestial Bureaucracy) 5,
Contacts (Celestial Bureaucracy) 5, Contacts (Creation) 3,
Cult 4, Followers 5, Influence 4, Manse 5, Salary 5


The Golden Lord is the patron of An-Teng, ensuring
order and justice through the deep-rooted customs he
instilled among the people and by overseeing the Three
Princes. He is famed of old as a supremely even-handed
judge and benefactor of those seeking justice. Petitioners
come both from An-Teng and from distant lands.
Long ago, the Unconquered Sun appointed the Golden
Lord as Heaven’s sanctioned arbiter and judge of the Solar Exalted. While the Golden Lord saw few Lawgivers after the
Usurpation, he still holds this title and honors his duty. He
welcomes the return of the Solar Exalted and stands ready
to serve once more to resolve their disputes.
The Golden Lord dwells in a palace atop the Pinnacle of
Mercy, the highest peak in An-Teng. Anyone may attempt
the perilous journey to the god’s palace to ask his aid in
settling disputes or righting injustices beyond the reach of
mortal courts. The Golden Lord always hears such requests
personally and usually delivers swift and fair judgments.
When cases involve beings beyond his jurisdiction (such as
the highest-ranking gods), the Golden Lord offers his best
advice on how to seek succor from those with sufficient
authority—such as the Unconquered Sun himself.
Such is the Golden Lord’s reputation for fairness that
many gods who exceed his power nevertheless request his
judgments. Since he is still a Celestial god (despite living in
Creation), the Golden Lord undergoes periodic audits—at
his own insistence. These audits always report his conduct
as impeccable.
The Golden Lord does his best to grant honest petitioners
what they seek, whether arbitration of a dispute or redress
of injustice. He prefers to rely on moral authority and the
power of truth; for instance, revealing the true perpetrator
of a crime and how to obtain incontrovertible evidence of
guilt. On rare occasions, he grants supernatural gifts that
enable a petitioner to redress a grievance. Somewhat more
often, petitioners learn that they are in the wrong. Wise
men and gods humbly accept this judgment and ask how
they can atone. When foolish petitioners attempt to defy
or deceive the Golden Lord, their corpses appear in his
temple by Thousand Dragons Lake.
Despite the Golden Lord’s interest in justice and right
rule for An-Teng, his hands are somewhat tied with regard
to the Pale Mistress. His priests can protect individuals from
her mission to bring chaos, misery and woe, but he cannot
officially interfere.
The Golden Lord rarely engages in battle. Only a direct
threat to An-Teng, the Unconquered Sun or Creation itself
can rouse him from his throne. So roused, he pursues victory
without fear. He rides into battle on the back of Mighty-in-
Battle, the Elephant Avatar and the Golden Lord’s friend
and companion. No power in Creation can ambush him,
and his panoply of war has few equals.
The Golden Lord appears as a Tengese man standing
eight feet tall, middle aged but fit, dressed in golden robes.
He bears a formidable golden scepter, the Mother of Princes,
whose form the Three Princes’ scepters imitate. In battle
he becomes as tall as the trees, adorned in golden bamboo
armor. He wields a sword of brilliant white light and bears
a golden shield forged in the likeness of the sun.

The Golden Lord

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